I promise, my blog is not going to turn into a "desktop wallpaper collection", but this one is too cool not to show it to you:

"Ceci n'est pas le fond d'écran officiel de Firefox / This Is Not The Official Firefox Background Picture"

By the way, the photographer Denis-Carl Robidoux publishes a picture per day, all of which in different sizes to fit your screen, and for free, too.

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Yup, not only the cars are fast on the German autobahn!

Crazy Skateboard Downhill German Autobahn

Oh, and now the police try to find him so they can give him a ticket, tsk, tsk...

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Just found a nice red panda pic that works as a desktop wallpaper:

The picture was made by meantux on flickr, and is licensed under a CC by-nc license.

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The server migration I announced earlier should be complete now.

The DNS entries may still be a little wonky (if you had trouble reaching my web page or even sending me an email for a little while, that's probably why), but apart from that all should be peachy. The new box is quite snappy, so that's good!

Oh, of course the new server has a new name, too: Rest in peace, Aurora, and welcome to the family, Luna!

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Later tonight, the webserver this blog (and a bunch of other sites) runs on will be migrated to a new, bigger server.

The main reason is that the old box ran out of RAM quite frequently lately (it is a virtual machine that has a flexible RAM limit). The cause of this was mainly the ever-increasing amount of spam, and in spite of the most recent counter-measures, the little VM wasn't able to cope with it any longer. The new server has a bigger CPU, twice as much RAM guaranteed, and other improved features that make me confident that the change is the right step.

For you, dear readers, this means you may experience a few problems loading our websites while we are performing the migration (sorry) but we'll try to keep it to a minimum. You'll be rewarded with an even faster, nicer, and obviously awesomer fredericiana.com later. Thanks for your patience!

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This is a meme I borrowed from Freya. It's a Google image search meme. Search for your answer for each one, and pick your favorite from the first 3 pages.

Feel free to pick it up if you like, and don't forget to trackback!

While Freya got a bunch of "naked chicks" in her search results (and neglected to include them, much to the dismay of her male readership), I got a bunch of muscular models that share my first name--who I conveniently chose not to display here either (sorry female readership :) ). Here we go:

Your first name:

Your middle name:


Your last name:

Your age:

A place you would like to visit:

Your favorite place to be:

The name of a past love:

(uhm, when you search for women's names, Google turns up a various number of women with very little clothes on, so I leave this one as an exercise to the reader.)

Your college degree or concentration:

Your grandmother's first name:

Where you grew up:

Your childhood pet's name:


Your best friend's nickname:

Your first job:

Your favorite food:

Your favorite color:

What you're doing right now:

One of your bad habits:

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Second Bugzilla-related user script today: Bugzilla 3.2 introduced a keyword chooser that always pops up when you click on the keywords field. Sadly, it keeps you from entering the keywords by hand, even if you know exactly what you want to type. Choosing it from the list and clicking the arrow, then okay takes much longer.

So here's another very simple Greasemonkey user script that just reverts to the original behavior of a simple text field: bugzilla-fix-keywords.user.js (click to install)

I really think instead of the current chooser, a simple keyword suggestion feature should be used that works somehow like the del.icio.us tag find-as-you-type feature:

That could be another user script (or rather an extension to this simple script here). Anyone feel like making it?

Update: This user script of mine has also been deprecated by the fix introduced with bug 452734 -- we now have a convenient auto-complete feature, similar to the one I suggested above. Great! Here's a screenshot:

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Last night, Mozilla's Bugzilla bug tracker was updated to Bugzilla 3.2 with a lot of UI changes, some of which are improvements, others are not.

One of the things that struck me as weird is how all flags, resolutions, etc. moved to the top of the page, while the "commit" button remained at the bottom, by the comment field. That means to resolve a bug, you need to (including the additional click that is now needed to pick something from the resolutions dropdown list):

  • Click on the "status" dropdown list
  • Click on RESOLVED
  • Scroll all the way down the page
  • Click on Commit

So I decided to throw a quick Greasemonkey user script together to put an additional commit button to the top of the page (just so we can drop the scrolling part), like this:

And here's the script for your enjoyment: bugzilla-commit.user.js (click to install)

(Please note, it remotely imports jquery from jquery's google code repository; that's probably something that should change in version 0.2 ;) ).

Update: It seems, this patch has been upstreamed and deployed at least on the Mozilla bugzilla instance. That makes this user script obsolete. In a good way :)

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Es ist eine Weile her, dass ich mein letztes, englisches Lieblingswort veröffentlicht habe. Überhaupt habe ich eine Weile nicht auf deutsch gebloggt, was vielleicht auch daran liegt, dass meine geschätzte deutsche Leserschaft überwiegend sehr gut Englisch spricht (schleim ;) )...

Hier ist es, tadaa:


Ein weiteres hübsches Lehnwort, gerne ein wenig unpassend im Zusammenhang mit Einstein verwendet, obwohl der als Kind wahrlich alles andere als hochbegabt schien. Noch schlimmer wird es dann, wenn es auf Leute ausgeweitet wird, die als junge Erwachsene bedeutende Erfolge erzielt haben, wie Steven Spielberg oder Michael Jackson.

Kein Wunder also, dass der Begriff mittlerweile eher selten geworden ist (außer in den Medien, die in Deutschland wie hier generell keine Freunde begrifflicher Genauigkeit sind) und child prodigy der bevorzugte Begriff geworden ist.

Wen's interessiert, Wikipedia hat einen längeren Artikel über child prodigy, und natürlich auch eine Liste von Wunderkindern.

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When I recently watched a slideshow on flickr, I noticed this in the slideshow settings:

It seems, flickr developers watch the Simpsons too. The word embiggen, along with cromulent, was introduced (read: made up) in the episode "Lisa the Iconoclast" and has since been widely used in popular culture. So widely even, that at least cromulent made it into Webster's New Millennium Dictionary of English as a slang term.

Hm. Flickr is re-gaining some sympathy here (for this and other reasons I may soon blog about).

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