Semi-finals!! Need I say more?

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Oh, hello! The MSIE team sent us another cake. This time, sadly, I wasn't around to taste it, but it looks much nicer than the old one! Internet Explorer just started getting color, it seems like!

Here it is, photo courtesy of robcee:

I hope it tasted as delicious as the first one!

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Nice, I ordered a "radioactive" t-shirt from Assault last week and it was just delivered. Here's the design:

Looks like a pretty nice piece of fabric, doesn't it?

The shirt is made by American Apparel -- usually I don't like AA, but I gave them another try. Why I don't like them? Because the shape of their shirts is kind of weird, and they are usually way too small: In particular, when I get an M it fits pretty well the first day, but once I wash it, it shrinks far enough to resemble a small, making it a perfectly fine... cleaning rag. A colleague of mine once got a Women's S and after when it arrived, it turned out so small she passed it on to her 7-year-old daughter (!). They even offer women's XS and XXS. These must be either baby clothes, or they want to cater anorexic hollywood stars. Either option weirds me out.

So anyway, judging by this logic, I ordered an L, which is just a little too big on me right now -- let's hope it shrinks to a perfect M when I first wash it. If it shrinks further than that (and no, I am not washing it on "hot"), I'll have to take it to the office and put it up for grabs--somebody sure has a kid at home it'll fit.

For none of my other shirts I ever needed such elaborate considerations, so I am sorry but American Apparel sucks. While they are perfectly aware of their shirts "running small", it will probably forever remain their secret why they don't just go ahead and make shirts in the right size from the get-go...

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As many of you may already know, tomorrow, June 17, Firefox 3 will be released to the general public.

But that's not all: In an event called "Download Day" Mozilla is trying to set a Guinness World Record for the most software downloads in 24 hours. You can help set the record!

All you need to do is download Firefox 3 tomorrow within the first 24 hours of its release.

Need more info? Hop over to the Mozilla Blog or read the official Download Day FAQ.

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Wow, that's a pretty impressive bluetooth headset. (I'd embed the video here but that function seems to be broken).

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Whenever I apply somebody else's big patch to review it, I obviously go ahead and revert the changes to my local Subversion working copy afterwards. Here's the line I use to do it, maybe somebody will find it useful (though I mainly blog it not to forget it myself):

svn st -q | awk '{print $2;}' | xargs svn revert

(To be honest, I also expect about 17 comments now that tell me how I can do this more efficiently, or what I didn't consider when writing this in about 5 seconds -- so, don't disappoint me, fire away! :) )

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That went quite quick: I looked at two places and the second one was good enough so I took it. It's a little room in Squirrel Hill, furnished and with air condition (believe me, that is important here). I even have an own bathroom. (And, as I mentioned earlier, I have decent cable TV that allows me to watch Euro 2008 soccer -- yay for the landlady!)

At the moment however I live in a different room of the house because the current person to live in my room-to-be will only move out on July 15.

Either way, I am happy to have found a place to stay.

Murray Avenue, Squirrel Hill's main street (picture off Wikipedia)

By the way, the neighborhood is really nice, there are a lot of families living there, it's very close to amenities (grocery store, restaurants, post office, even a liquor store) and it's a really short walk to the bus stop too.

Looks like I'm all set -- Now I only need to write my master's thesis. Peanuts! ;)

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I begin to like this: Today I used the CMU Escort to get home from school. It's basically a night shuttle bus that takes you from campus (there are bus stops) to any street corner within a 1.5 mile radius from campus. That can be veeery convenient (need I mention it is free for ID card holders).

No, dear night owls, they won't pick you up at your favorite bar when you're too drunk to find your way home on your own -- but if you happen to remember where campus is, they would probably pick you up there.

All in all, this makes it easy and safe to get home even when the regular buses are done for the night, which happens more or less early, depending on the bus line.

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Yay! Apparently, the Euro 2008 soccer games are going to be broadcast on ESPN. Lucky me that I just moved into my new place that comes with a full cable package :) Phew!

Looks like I now have an important appointment today at 2:30pm!

Update: Jean Pierre mentioned that actually also offers a live stream of the Euro 2008 soccer games on the web. Awesome! So far I haven't been able to try out if it works in the US too though, as my internet connection is not quite strong here.

Update 2: Well hello, there's a live stream for the US too on (Thanks for the link, Tim!) And it even seems to have quite a bit more games on it than the German stream which only covers Germany's games. Tomorrow afternoon, I'll check it out!

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The buddy I am currently staying with called me a nerd today because I was putting on a Firefox T-Shirt. Oh, little does he know, poor fellow.

I wonder what he had said if he knew that we just set up an OpenVPN server on our wireless router at home to be able to log in from a distance and program our dad's satellite receiver? We call it the 6.500 kilometer remote control.

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