Radioactive Shirt

June 16, 2008

Nice, I ordered a "radioactive" t-shirt from Assault last week and it was just delivered. Here's the design:

Looks like a pretty nice piece of fabric, doesn't it?

The shirt is made by American Apparel -- usually I don't like AA, but I gave them another try. Why I don't like them? Because the shape of their shirts is kind of weird, and they are usually way too small: In particular, when I get an M it fits pretty well the first day, but once I wash it, it shrinks far enough to resemble a small, making it a perfectly fine... cleaning rag. A colleague of mine once got a Women's S and after when it arrived, it turned out so small she passed it on to her 7-year-old daughter (!). They even offer women's XS and XXS. These must be either baby clothes, or they want to cater anorexic hollywood stars. Either option weirds me out.

So anyway, judging by this logic, I ordered an L, which is just a little too big on me right now -- let's hope it shrinks to a perfect M when I first wash it. If it shrinks further than that (and no, I am not washing it on "hot"), I'll have to take it to the office and put it up for grabs--somebody sure has a kid at home it'll fit.

For none of my other shirts I ever needed such elaborate considerations, so I am sorry but American Apparel sucks. While they are perfectly aware of their shirts "running small", it will probably forever remain their secret why they don't just go ahead and make shirts in the right size from the get-go...

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