papel continuo powa!
Creative Commons License photo credit: manci
For our upcoming honeymoon, I am currently reserving a number of hotel rooms on the beautiful island of Corsica.

Intriguingly, so far, under the emails two of these hotels sent me, I found a sentence like the following, asking you not to print out the email:

Afin de contribuer au respect de l'environnement, merci de n'imprimer ce courriel que si nécessaire - please consider the environment before printing this e-mail.

I wonder if this is a "Corse thing", or if it's just a coincidence. Pretty cool, nonetheless.

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Is it time to leave? Again? Yup. The final days of my stay in Pittsburgh have come: My master's thesis is more or less complete (by the way, it has the nice name "Transaction Management Challenges for Cross-Organizational, Workflow-Based SOA Applications" and spans 104 pages total), so it is time for me to take it back to Germany and finally wrap up that "Diplom" of mine.

Pittsburgh Skyline

It was a fun time in the "Steel City", I've learned a lot both professionally as well as personally and I have met great people who I will really miss. Thanks for making my time in Pittsburgh great, you know who you are!

But I am not quite flying home yet: Before diving back into the "frozen tundra" of Germany, I shall visit warmer parts of this country. I promise I'll feel a little bad for you, snowed-in readers, while I sit by the pool sipping margaritas!

(Pittsburgh skyline photo CC by-sa licensed by Ronald C. Yochum, Jr. on Wikimedia Commons.)

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Long time no see, everybody. I was quite busy lately, and I also spent a few days on vacation in Krakow, Poland. But I am back now and getting ready for leaving to Pittsburgh soon. Here are some pictures of Krakow for your enjoyment (click!):

During the course of our stay, we also went to see the Auschwitz and Auschwitz-Birkenau memorial sites. I took some pictures there also:

I think these two flights to Krakow and back were the perfect "practice" for my upcoming intercontinental flight. By the way, I have to say, Poland having joined Schengen is awesome. Traveling all over Europe has never been that easy. Thumbs up for the European Union!

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