This is just awesome: This Halloween, 638 students from Oregon State University beat the college record of the most students performing Michael Jackson's "Thriller" at Reser Stadium, Corvallis, Oregon.

Over 600 people was way more than the previous (student) record:

The previous college record was set at the College of William and Mary in Richmond, Va., where 242 people participated in the dance routine that student Kevin Dua organized. Dua's group beat the previous record of 147 people in an event at a British secondary school.

Here is the official footage of the event:

Of course, this has not been the first attempt to spectacularly perform this music video. Here's another video of a group of prisoners doing the same thing:

Finally, if you want to get a fix of the real thing, it's on youtube too.

Update: As a commenter points out, the OSU admissions blog has blogged the whole thing too, and provided some HD-quality video of the event, which I have replaced the old video with.

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This past valentine's day a few days ago was not only even cheesier than last year's (on the radio, they were making up a "Valentine's Eve" on the 13th already -- how long until Valentine's week, month or year emerge?), it was also the 150th birthday of the State of Oregon. If I had to choose what American state I'd like to be a Citizen of, Oregon would rank pretty high on the list.

Just in time for the big one-five-oh, Oregon State University's archives joined the flickr commons, publishing some nice photos from the state's past for everybody to enjoy. I am delighted! Needless to say, the pictures are in the public domain (or so they assume).

Oregon Birthday

Oregon Birthday

Before the OSU Archives joined the "commons" project, they had already added another flickr account on their owns, publishing other gems from their vault, such as these great, historic football programs:

OSU Civil War Program, 1945

OSU vs. USC, 1957

(Thanks for the link, Jean Pierre!)

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OSU vs. USC "OSU vs. USC" by michelleface on flickr

OSU Beavers fans rushing the field after the game Oregon State University vs. University of Southern California.

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