Since I released my first version of UpShot, the Python-based automatic screenshot uploader, last week, I have received plenty of good feedback (for example on Hacker News), encouraging comments (like here on my blog), and even quite a few Issues were filed on Github.

One particularly annoying issue was #28: screen clips (CMD+Shift+4, then selecting an area of the screen) were not handled automatically. Full-screen screenshots and window-only screenshots worked just fine.

I was going to roll more than one fix into the next release, but because this is an annoying little bug, I decided to roll a quick maintenance release to make sure no one is put off by this obvious little flaw.

How to update

Unfortunately, there's no auto-update function yet, but updating is still easy! You update UpShot exactly how you installed it. Head over to the UpShot website:

Download the latest version of UpShot

  • Download the DMG file, double click to open
  • drag the UpShot app into your /Applications directory, overwriting the existing version when asked.
  • go to the Applications directory and start UpShot from there. UpShot will show up in your status bar in the top right corner of the screen.

Make sure UpShot is closed before you upgrade, or OS X will tell you the file is in use and can't be replaced.

As usual, if you find anything that doesn't work as expected, leave a comment here or an Issue on Github!

Note: If you want to stay up to date on UpShot, subscribe to the UpShot RSS feed on this blog.

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