Day 97 - Stopover

Today I got sucked into a stopover at a local bar with a bunch of colleagues after work, after boldly proclaiming before that I'd head home early today, given how long the week had been so far. Oooops. At any rate, we had some very nice conversations -- having all/most colleagues in town for work week is always awesome!

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Day 96 - Get to Work!

After spending some time celebrating and getting to know each other better, it's time to make the Mozilla Work Week deserve its name, and look ahead! A meeting to attract as many people as you see in the picture can only mean one thing: Firefox. The new development process is well underway, with a huge impact not only on Firefox itself, but on all supporting properties, like Mozilla's various websites and webtools. All of this will lead to getting new features (and of course, bug fixes) into the users' hands faster than ever before, and I am excited to help make this happen!

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Day 95 - The Go Game, Las Vegas Edition

Before leaving Las Vegas again, we played The Go Game (which is essentially a scavenger hunt with Internet-connected cell phones and digital cameras). It was plenty of fun! During one of the "missions" (reenacting our favorite video game), we barely got our 20-second clip shot until a suited security guy told us to knock it off, hah... Guess Casinos aren't made for this kind of game. Still, it was plenty of fun.

If you're lucky, I'll share our team's photos and videos when they're online :)

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Day 94 - Vegas, Baby!

Spending a day in Vegas with a bunch of Mozillians. Need I say more?

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Day 93 - Giant Fox

Today, a bunch of Mozillians made a trip to Great America. The rides were sooo much fun! And then, at some ring-throwing game, Dustin scored and got a giant fox. In the picture: Les, pretending to be the CEO of Firefox Mozilla.

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Day 92 - Blossoms

Now that monsoon season has passed, plants are blossoming everywhere, and even the East Bay hills, which aren't far from here, are getting greener and greener. Very pretty! It's time for some hiking again, soon!

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Day 91 - BBQ Season

I officially declare BBQ season started :) Today we made some massive steaks, without any risk of sudden rain (woo!). Yet -- hard to believe, I know -- I promise, there's even more epic food yet to come in a few weeks.

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Day 90 - San Franciscan Seagull

This is my first bird photo in Project 365, and a "portrait", no less! Taken during a cruise in the San Francisco Bay, the Seagull was flying along with the boat, probably to get any scraps that these odd humans might have to spare.

In the background, you see the skyline of the City of San Francisco. The most notable landmark in the picture is probably the Transamerica Pyramid on the far left. I really like how this photo turned out. It might look like it's photoshopped, but rest assured it's not ;)

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Day 89 - Stealth

Today, I had a quick appointment at Mercedes Benz Research and Development in Palo Alto, and this is what I was greeted with in the parking lot: (Presumably) research vehicles, hibernating in a protective "sock". Considering the tree branches on top of the left one, looks like the cars haven't been moved in a while. Still, they look pretty cool, with their star on the front, as if they want to say, make no mistake, this sock puppet has a German accent. :)

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Day 88 - Firefox for Android Phones of All Sizes

Today we released Firefox 4 for Mobile, available on the Android and Maemo platforms. It combines all the awesomeness of Firefox 4 into one small package. If you have an Android (or Maemo) phone, hop on over to and give it a try!

In the picture: Cheng, of Mozilla Support fame, using Firefox on a gigantic (borrowed) Nexus S phone. Yes, the touch screen really works, and yes, it is really running an instance of the Android operating system with a real version of Firefox for Mobile. It's awesome!

In the background: The team of Mozilla France, enjoying the launch festivities while being connected to various Mozillans across the globe via video conference.

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