Day 116 - Fake Fligtar

At times, when colleagues are on vacation, it happens that one cannot stand the sheer emptiness of their seat any longer. At such times, certain components floating (literally) around the office can be used to make a life-size, completely realistic and legit copy of said colleague. Dr. Frankenstein would be nothing short of proud.

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Day 115 - Presidential Parade (Sans President)

When I saw these motorcycle cops approaching, I half expected someone important to follow along in a limo -- but no. Just a bunch of "San Jose's finest" merrlily riding along, shamelessly grinching the innocent bystanders out of a possible celebrity sighting ;).

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Day 114 - Eggs, well-disguised

Some call it French toast. For others, it's the world's best-hidden Easter eggs. You be the judge.

Happy Easter!

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Day 113 - Window Shopping

As I've mentioned before, I'm a home improvement store nerd ;) Today we had something to buy there again, so we took the opportunity to window shop for tiles we're not going to buy :)

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Day 112 - Mmmmh, Bacon.

Mmmmmh. Breakfast for dinner! Is there anything that doesn't get better when combined with bacon?

Now, besides the awesomeness that is bacon, I am quite sad how f-ed up the color (hello, red!) is on my camera phone. I wonder if something broke or it it's just the phone's inability to handle indoor lighting? Hmmmmmm.

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Day 111 - No-go

This ad I saw today in a local Greek restaurant's window would not fly in Germany (read: cause a public outcry). Who can tell me why? (Bonus points if you're not German and still get it ;))

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Day 110 - Maze Generator

Today, an unnamed colleague of mine drew a maze on my whiteboard at work, and this is what it ended up looking like. Ha :)

(If you're looking for a slightly more challenging maze, by the way, there are plenty of maze generators on the Interwebs).

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Day 109 - Communication is Power

These concrete plates could come straight from a management seminar.

Seen in San Jose, CA.

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Day 108 - Eiffel Candle

Two items you probably couldn't have found in unmarried Fred's apartment ;) A candle next to a miniature Eiffel Tower. This is a three-exposure HDR shot, which not only brings out the glittery candle, but also gives the Eiffel tower a magical glow. Another thing I really like in this shot is the reflection next to the candle, which (I think) comes from the glassy candle holder.

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Day 107 - Running Day

As a common workout, Tara and I run at least twice a week, mostly on the weekends. Depending on how California weather treats us, it can be quite the challenge. But luckily, there's usually a bay breeze to help us along the way. Phew.

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