Day 241 - Stealth

Oh, corporate pinboards could be so incredibly boring -- if it wasn't for posts like this.

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Day 240 - Happy Farmer

This farmer was visibly happy to sell carrots to Tara.

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Day 239 - Josephsbräu

Mmmmh, finally an actual Bavarian-Style Hefeweizen! Thank you, Trader Joe's! Also, funny how they changed the branding on these bottles since last week. It was Trader Joe's before and now it's Josephsbräu, both from San Jose. By the way, if the label design looks familiar (Gordon Biersch, anyone?) there's probably a reason for this :)

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Day 238 - Fanless

After my old desktop computer started getting crashy and happily heated up the room by just being on, I started looking for more economical (and ecological) alternatives and went for this mini-board with an AMD processor and no fan (ooo!). It has a dual-core CPU with 1.6GHz, and now sports a whopping 8GB of RAM. Finally, I also got a new power supply, because the years-old 550W thing I had in there was probably about as energy-efficient as your average Chevrolet Suburban.

I can do something on my computer for longer than 20 minutes without it crashing and be nice to my power bill? Win!

Granted, I probably can't play any serious games with it, but I don't do that anyway.

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Day 237 - Shadows

A shadow of myself, on a tree in the sunset!

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Day 236 - The Future

The future has arrived: Video conference with colleagues (and a vendor) this afternoon.

Remember those action movies where the villain shows up on a big video screen and laughs evilly? Yeah, this is kind of like it. In Mountain View, I was visible in superhuman size on a 50-something inch screen. MUAAhahahahaha.

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Day 235 - Pushy Grandpa

Second try at a candid street shot: A little boy on a walk with his family -- evidently not walking fast enough for his grandpa's taste :)

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Day 234 - Sleepyhead

Today I didn't have time to go hunting for a subject during the day, so it goes without saying that Lizzy has to serve as the subject of the day. Especially since she's sleepy, again, after a long day of doing, uhm, nothing. :)

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Day 233 - Choosing Carefully

A man at the farmer's market, meticulously selecting the right cherry tomatoes.

I'm a fan of candid street photography -- though I haven't engaged in it a whole lot before. That's mostly because I find it takes a little more effort to find good subjects and take a picture in just the right moment, making it hard to take good shots while out and about for a different purpose or when not alone. In addition, I want to make reasonably sure that the subject does not notice me, or the shot wouldn't be candid anymore. So holding a full-blown DSLR into people's faces isn't the best way to do that.

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Day 232 - Details

Fiat really made sure to make its "nuova 500" a work of art. There are plenty of details like this all around. The headlights, by the way, much like the brakes, suspension, tanks, etc. etc., were reworked to please the American market (and adhere to local vehicle safety codes). Much to my delight, as the changes seem to have overall resulted in a much better version of the car (with the exception of the taillight design, perhaps).

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