Zooomr, a "web 2.0" website for photos, is in my opinion the most promising flickr competitor around. It shares a lot of features with its well-known big brother that was bought by yahoo a while ago.

As I found out today, since a few months, Zooomr is still handing out "pro" accounts for bloggers that are free for one year. So today I upgraded my free zooomr account, uploading my first high-resolution picture to the service and blogging it in my German blog:

Christmas in November

My first impression of Zooomr is that it works very flawlessly and is by all means worth a thought when you decide where to host your photos. While I have set up an instance of Gallery 2 for my own photos, I always had the problem that I needed to scale them down to, say, 800x600 pixels. Otherwise every single photo would eat up around 2 megabytes-or-so of my personal web space, eventually filling up space needed for the actual websites etc.

Also, modern photo sharing sites come with a lot of nice features like RSS feeds, tags etc.; through their photo sharing capabilities, they are much easier to integrate into blogs or other web applications than classic photo tools.

Therefore I will give zooomr a shot for a while now, and eventually I will decide if I want to put all my photos on there or not. A big part of my decision will obviously be how much they want to charge me after the free year. Flickr takes 25 Dollars per year which, while it is not a lot, has kept me from signing up there so far, because I was unsure if I would use it enough to justify the (long-term) investment.

Come on, zooomr, convince me! ;)

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