Downgrading Serendipity

June 18, 2004

Today I needed to patch my Serendipity weblog software.

I activated the option to "tell" about any of my new blog entries - nice, but unfortunately, there never displayed an excerpt of the text on their page. Instead, only the (more or less meaningful) title was the only information to be displayed.

The support guys took a look at it and quickly told me they only displayed the <description> item - which s9y's RSS 2.0 feed doesn't include anymore. There it was replaced by a <content:encoded> directive (which is - by the way - no "bug" ).

"Bad news", I thought - in the s9y forum, Garvin gave me a hint how to add the description directive...

By duplicating the data in the RSS feed you get awfully more traffic and the redundancy is quite weird. So I'll try hard to find a better solution soon (How about the guys supporting content:encoded anyway?)

Time to "downgrade" s9y to RSS 1.0 pings until the blog services "like" its 2.0 feed again...

So I made a tiny little patch you can download here. (Please note that you have to uncomment my addition in to make it work). Have fun!

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