I jus stumbled across this awesome (and huge!) world map that overlays a regular map of the world with the countries' respective top-level domain codes.

Country Chart

Here's an excerpt from the Caribbean:

Caribbean countries, excerpt

The map is a pleasure to look at even on the screen (I love the colors!), and I might even buy one in print and hang it on the wall.


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This is amazing. Some shots are especially impressive, like the de-militarized zone between North and South Korea, or the zero-gravity flight. Wow!

(By the way, if you click through to its youtube page, you can watch it in higher quality).

(thanks for the link, Window!)

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A little video from the Animaniacs TV show featuring a song about the nations of the world.

Funny how they sing "Germany now in one piece" -- of course some things are outdated too, such as "Czechoslovakia". Needless to say that "Yugoslavia" is also a thing of the past. These facts, by the way, date the song somewhere between 1990 and 1993, if I am not mistaken.

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