At last month's Firefox Summit, everybody got a nice name tag on a lanyard to carry around their neck. That was extremely useful, especially since people frequently put their real name as well as their IRC nick on there.

This is how it looked like (involuntary model: Mike Shaver):

Mike Shaver at the Firefox Summit

After the summit, though, the name tags and lanyards went into everybody's bottom drawer. Well, everybody's but mine :)

I removed the name tag from the lanyard and connected a key ring to it, turning it into the coolest keychain ever:

Mozilla Lanyard

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A week ago, the Firefox crop circle (finally) made it into Google Earth. This is a screenshot of how it looks like:

The Firefox Crop Circle on Google Earth

Now, as Asa found out, today the photos also made it into Google Maps:

The Firefox Crop Circle on Google Maps

Very nice! And well done, dear friends from the OSU Linux User Group!

(thanks to bagawk on #osu-lug for the Google Earth screenshot; thanks to Asa for the link to the Google Maps location!)

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Today, I am mo-blogging from Oregon State University, while I am here for work and "turkey week" reasons.

I came across this neat poster for the Open Source Education Lab featuring the Firefox Crop Circle. (The OSU LUG, in case you didn't know, were the people who made that famous crop circle last summer, realizing an idea by the two former Mozilla interns Matt Shichtman and John Cary!)


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The Microsoft Internet Explorer Team sent us a cake for the upcoming release of Firefox 2! <!--more--> <!-- was: /media/wp/2006/10/fromredmondwithlove.jpg --> Microsoft Cake for the Firefox release

A big thanks to Redmond, Washington!

P.S.: No, it was not poisoned ;)

PPS: My Bandwidth bill was exploding. Thanks to everyone who helped my bandwidth bill by contributing a dollar or two. These are the friendly people who did.

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Truly, there have to be things you are looking forward to at work. Here at the Mozilla Corporation, this is currently the Firefox 2 release:

Firefox 2 Champagne

(picture of my boss' office window)

I can't wait for the Fx 2 release. And a little bit, I am even looking forward to the Veuve Clicquot :)

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Last week, I was on vacation in New York City where I met a German friend of mine. Both of us brought digital cameras and we got, let's say, pretty trigger happy.

It wasn't till after the vacation that we realized that both of our cameras had mentally stayed where they came from: My camera's time zone was set to Pacific Daylight Time, his to Middle European Summer Time. All in all, this adds up to a difference of 3 or 6 hours respectively to the actual time the picture was taken, and 9 hours between the two cameras. Perfect to find the morning pics between the evening ones and vice versa.

When putting the photos together into a gallery software, this results in a totally messed up order and a pain in the arm to fix it for more than 1.2 gigabytes of pictures.

Searching the internet for a remedy (for the pictures and the headache they made me), I stumbled across a fabulous little tool called jhead. It is an EXIF header and thumbnail manipulator that flawlessly works also on bigger amounts of files.

Not only is the syntax quite straightforward and easy to understand, it also has an armada of neat little options for fixing numerous ugly things that may happen to JPEG header files when taking digital photos.

This is what I did: jhead -ta-6:00 nyc/p.jpg # friend's pics jhead -ta+3:00 nyc/cimg.jpg # mine jhead -n%Y%m%d-%H%M%S nyc/*.jpg # rename uniformly

Besides the time zone issue, I was also able to automatically rename the files according to the (now correct) timestamp so that the pictures taken by different cameras now have uniform file names and can easily be sorted by name.

Thank you for saving a few hours of my life, jhead.

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Stubborn Door

This fast food restaurant claims you can have things your way. However, your decision ends at the stubborn door. It's too bad ;)

(seen at Burger King, 4th Street, Corvallis, Oregon)

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Letting the train leave

Again I was making some photos in Karlsruhe by night while waiting for the train.

This man is obviously on his way home, drinking his last beer while waiting for the train to leave.

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Kaiserstraße by night

Kaiserstraße Karlsruhe, shining brightly by night.

Taken when playing aroung with the camera while waiting for the tram to come.

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Okay, let’s do some photo blogging. Unfortunately, I don’t take photos every day. But occasionaly, I take some shots. I am going to present these in the photo category. Hope you enjoy some of them!

Dancing Rutiba

Dancing Pupils celebrating their high school graduation. Ettlingen, Stadthalle, July 1st, 2005.

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