Funny picture from leungski on flickr:

Rumor had it she was genetically modified

From the description:

Chrystie realized this was more than a growth spurt, and there was no such thing as "big boned." Rumor had it she was genetically modified.

(thanks to whoever posted this on IRC, and sorry for forgetting who it was)

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Yesterday on Discovery Channel:

Most regular toilets flush in the key of e-flat.

Well, add this to the list of things I am not sure I needed to know.

Still, I am wondering if that means from now on I should set my tuner aside and just tune my trumpet after the toilet? Of course I'd need to call the plumber about once a year when the whole thing is out of tune ;)

Yeah, me and my silly mind. I know.

(The picture above CC by-nc-sa licensed by hll!H on flickr)

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Here's a funny commercial for a German mail-order company:

(it hurts even watching it! ;) )

Thanks for sending this to me, Tara!

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Inspired by Philipp Lenssen's fabulous idea to express idioms in code, I came up---just for fun---with the following 10 well-known song titles, written in horrible C/Java/PHP pseudocode.

Have fun... and take a guess in the comments!

// Song 1:
it = b

// Song 2:
for (i=0; i<people.count(); i++)
  people[i].attributes |= (shiny | happy);

// Song 3:
function get(want) {
  if (random.bool() == true)
    return want;
    return null;

// Song 4:
//function leave() {
//  return new Color(0,0,0);
// Oh, I think I screwed this one up, so here it goes:
// Version 2.0 of Song 4: ;-)
function leave(me) {
  return me;

// Song 5:
who = fire.getStarter();
assert(who != us);

// Song 6:
function cry(person) {
  return (person.gender == female);

// Song 7:
person = king.getWife();;

// Song 8:
life = me.getLife();

// Song 9:
person = USGovernmentEmployees.getRandom();
while (person.boss != null)
  person = person.boss;

// Song 10:
train = trains.getLine(A);

Update: I fixed Song 4 and 9 because they made way too little sense. Oops ;)

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