The buddy I am currently staying with called me a nerd today because I was putting on a Firefox T-Shirt. Oh, little does he know, poor fellow.

I wonder what he had said if he knew that we just set up an OpenVPN server on our wireless router at home to be able to log in from a distance and program our dad's satellite receiver? We call it the 6.500 kilometer remote control.

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Just stumbled across this:

  • Friend: "I heard about this thing called 'Linux'."
  • Me: "Oh, I use Linux."
  • Friend: "What is it?"
  • Me: "An operating system."
  • Friend: "Like Firefox?"

Haha :)

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Ah, for those of you who have wanted to try out the latest Firefox 3 Beta all along but were hesitant because they feared it screwing with their local data (current profile etc.):

PortableApps offer the Firefox 3 beta as a USB-stick-ready package that won't touch anything on your local computer, making it safe and fun to try out for anyone who's feeling curious:

Mozilla Firefox®, Portable Edition is available packaged with Mozilla Firefox 3 Beta 3, allowing you to test all the latest features in the upcoming version without disrupting your current Firefox installation.

Have fun beta-testing!

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Find your downloads quickly in one dedicated stack. Downloads from Safari, iChat, and Mail are automatically saved to the Downloads stack. Say goodbye to desktop clutter.

... says Apple's "new feature" description for Mac OS X Leopard. What it doesn't mention is that you can make (almost) any software you like use the "Download Stack".

Fact is, the "Download Stack" just displays the contents of a folder named "Download" in your home directory (which Leopard automatically creates). So, making Firefox use it is fairly simple -- here is how:

Go to the preferences window, into the "Main" tab: Download Preferences for Firefox

Under "save files to", go to your user folder, then choose the folder named "Downloads".

Save the settings -- and next time you download something off the net, you'll see that it is easily (and instantly) accessible through the neat little "Download Stack" in your dock (in this case my local bus schedule. What a meaningful file name.).

OSX Leopard Firefox Download Stack "Goodbye, desktop clutter", indeed!

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