Day 354 - Labels

December 20, 2011

Day 354 - Labels

These are only some of the labels attached to an IBM/Lenovo laptop power supply. I am always impressed just how much paper they manage to stick onto these. The labels range from "this is a power supply, may contain traces of electricity" over "by the way this item has inventory number 1234ABC and we want to remember this for all eternity" to, well, "by the way Saudi Arabia's outlets have 2 more volts than the ones in the US". Besides, these power bricks are usually the size of an average midsize car (and equally as heavy). It can only be a matter of time until those (like baseball bats) are not allowed on planes anymore.

Sometimes I look at a Mac power supply and take it for granted -- until I see one of these again, and realize that good industrial design is not the rule, but the exception. It makes me sad.

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