Project 365: What's Next?

December 13, 2011

With the end of Project 365 rapidly approaching (I'll blog about the project itself separately), the obvious question arises: What's next?

As I can't quite get used to the project ending and me sitting bored on my hands all day (ha, ha) I am considering doing something similar next year. There are several (serious or not so serious) options on the table:

  • Project 365, the rebirth: Another year of photos? As if there's anything I haven't shown to my readers yet ;)
  • American oddities: Somewhat tongue-in-cheek, a friend suggested we need more stories comparing US and German tissues. There is, of course, plenty of opportunity to point out inferior American products cultural differences, though admittedly, that has been done before...
  • Project 52: (don't hate on the horrendous code name). In this case, I'd post a photo per week rather than day, giving me more time to take several shots in various places and decide which one I like the most, possibly polish it up on the computer, and post a photo a week that I think is actually pretty good.
  • Project 360-365: The frequency is to be debated, but the general idea is, posting a series of panoramas. Daily is probably too frequent (after all, panoramas take some time to make) and it'd be a very limited type of photography, but it's still an option.
  • A blog a day: What the name says. A new blog post every day? That of course wouldn't exclude pictures, but would make it more about the writing than the picture. Project 365 was the other way around.
  • Anything else?

These are all the ideas I've collected thus far. I am interested to hear what you think! Of course, not all of these make any sense at all, so feel free to mock them if you wish ;) but honest comments are appreciated, too. Thanks!

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