Day 338 - Limoncello

December 04, 2011

Today's Picture of the Day is a series of photos, as I made an Italian delicacy: Limoncello, a liqueur made from lemon zest.

The base ingredient: Untreated lemons from the farmers' market.

Day 338 - Limoncello (1/5)

Next step: Recipe, jar, Everclear (75%. The concentration should be higher, but sadly, that's not sold in California).

Day 338 - Limoncello (2/5)

Step 3: Zesting. We want all the yellow and none of the bitter white stuff.

Day 338 - Limoncello (3/5)

Almost done: Half a liter of booze and all the zest into the jar.

Day 338 - Limoncello (4/5)

Done (for now):

Day 338 - Limoncello (5/5)

This concoction will now sit in the dark for a few weeks, before I take it out and carry on. By then, the alcohol will have drawn all the good stuff out of the zest and into the liquid.

Oh and by the way, the "naked" lemons were turned into delicious, delicious lemonade. Looks like we got the most bang for our buck.

Stay tuned for the next chapter :)

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