Day 310 - Baggage Boy

November 06, 2011

Day 310 - Baggage Boy

"Baggage Boy" -- A sculpture at the Mountain View Caltrain Station.

This might also be one of the last pictures I took with my trusty old Canon EF-S 17-85 f/4-5.6 lens, which routinely shows an "Error 99" on the camera now after a handful of shots, at best. Now, I don't use a standard-range zoom lens a lot anymore anyway: Over the course of this year, I've gotten into prime lenses more and will happily choose them if I know what subjects I am expecting. Still, I don't want to go completely without such a lens, because sometimes I don't know what to expect, yet I can't reasonably haul a variety of lenses where I'm going.

So long story short, I ordered a Sigma 17-70 f/2.8-4 lens as a replacement, which trades a slightly shorter zoom range for better aperture, and on top of it, has decent macro features, and so far I am missing a macro lens in my modest lineup. Looking forward to trying it out!

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