Day 205 - Microbrews

July 24, 2011

Day 205 - Microbrews

Other people might browse the mall for clothes on a Sunday, I check out the craft brews section of my friendly neighborhood beverage store for previously undiscovered gems of the microbrew world.

I really love the American microbrewery scene. Given that this country saw general prohibition less than a century ago and even today has a tendency to be outright hostile towards the responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages, I am deeply impressed how a culture of fine craft brewing as well as home brewing (a ban which was lifted much more recently) could develop here.

This culture leads to such fabulous creations as American IPA, which is a type of beer I absolutely adore. Sadly though, every brewer tries to outdo everybody else, and thus it can be hard to find good European standard brews over here (except, obviously, in the import section). The only authentic Bavarian-style Hefeweizen brewed in the US that I have ever found, for example, was Penn Weizen from Penn Brewery in Pittsburgh. It's not available on the West Coast, so if anyone has wheat beer recommendations, I am all ears.

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