Day 40 - Good morning, Mountain View

This is a photo I took this morning on Castro Street in Mountain View. It's a cell phone shot that I ran through HDRtist and messed with the colors a little... The American flag is waving on top of the Ames Building in the nice, springy, morning sun. As Dave put it yesterday, spring comes early here.

About the building, we can learn from the depths of the Internets:

The Ames Building [...] is thought to be the second-oldest building on Mountain View's Castro Street. Built in 1903 by Professor Daniel T. Ames, a nationally known handwriting expert, it was damaged in 1906 by the San Francisco Earthquake, but was quickly rebuilt. However, over the years many of its architectural elements were wiped away in modernization efforts. [Since 1996] the facade [was restored] to its former glory. The renovation was completed in time for a gala celebration of the building's centennial. The Ames Building once again stands out as one of Mountain View's most notable examples of historic commercial architecture.

Quite interesting!

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