A few days ago techtarget published a short interview about the OSU Open Source Lab, where I worked while studying at OSU:

"Lance Albertson, architect and systems administrator at the Oregon State University Open Source Lab, uses a sys admin staff of 18-21-year-old undergrads to manage servers for some high-profile, open-source projects (Linux Master Kernel, Linux Foundation, Apache Software Foundation, and Drupal to name a few). In this Q&A, Albertson talks about the challenges of using young sys admins and the lab's plans to move from Cfengine to Puppet for systems management."

(via slashdot).

I must say, the work I've seen student sys admins do at the OSL is outstanding, and I've met some of the sharpest people there I've ever worked with. Glad to hear they are still going strong.

Thanks for the link, Justin!

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