Vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin never grows tired of telling the public that she's just an average person, that she's part of the average American middle class, and other stories from a happy little box of hockey mom fairy tales.

That's why her party allegedly spent 150,000 dollars on her wardrobe:

Sarah Palin’s wardrobe joined the ranks of symbolic political excess on Wednesday, alongside John McCain’s multiple houses and John Edwards’s $400 haircut, as Republicans expressed fear that weeks of tailoring Ms. Palin as an average “hockey mom” would fray amid revelations that the Republican Party outfitted her with expensive clothing from high-end stores.
“I don’t think Joe the Plumber wears Manolo Blahniks,” Ms. Behar [co-host on ABC's "The View"] said.

Don't get me wrong: I agree that a politician with such a high public exposure can't walk around in sweatpants and t-shirts. But don't pretend you are just an average person, worse even, try to make people believe you have the same financial situation as the average American middle class family. Unless, of course, the average American goes shopping on Fifth Avenue, in which case, never mind.

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