What would Jesus download?

August 02, 2006

If Jesus lived today, maybe he wouldn't be a carpenter. Maybe he would be a web designer. Or a sysadmin. One thing is certain, he'd use Linux.

And because modern Christians know that, they made a web page with the nice name whatwouldjesusdownload.com, hosting the Ubuntu Christian Edition. What else can a proud churchgoer want?

Besides, of course, a Christian game console. Since we all know, Jesus saves. Jesus saves t-shirt

The Brick TestamentNow if you'd like to take a look at something more serious, I can recommend you the Brick Testament, an illustrated bible, made by somebody called Brendan Powell Smith. He illustrates bible stories with pictures from LEGO figures, making them actually really exciting to read, even for people who are not into church -- the page reads itself like a comic book.

(wwjd link from Jabba, the brick testament from Jean Pierre. Thanks to both of you!)

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