Monday, the OSU Beavers won the national championship in NCAA college baseball. That's pretty much awesome, and to watch the game, most rightly people left early from work, the coffee place in the library closed in the middle of the afternoon, and almost everybody but me freaked all out about it. Especially when the game was over and the championship was ours, Monroe street (right next to campus) was crowded with celebrating, drunk, orange people and the whole city was proud of "their" beavers.

Strange, strange. As a European, I will probably never understand how people can be insane about a game the rules of which in not even remotely understand. (I am proud of the Beavers, anyway!)

And, oh well, when it comes to soccer, people probably shrug at me, too. Sometimes I even think I am the only one here knowing what offside is ;)

Update: That is how it has to look like downtown when a good soccer game is on :)! Soccer fans, CC-licensed on flickr by My university city, Karlsruhe, Germany during the game Germany-Ecuador.

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