One of the newer technologies on the web are the flash video players used by Google Video and YouTube.

Every once in a while though, on Mac OS X it can happen that these Flash video players don't have sound anymore.

It is pretty hard to figure out why, and the solution is quite random, but on macosxhints I found a comment mentioning that it could be a sampling rate problem:

  1. open /Applications/Utilities/Audio MIDI Setup
  2. check the properties for Built In Output.
  3. It might be set to 96KHz. Change it to 44KHz and audio in Flash will return immediately.

Now, I don't know what software it is messing up that setting, but I am glad it can be fixed.

I am still wondering why the Flash player would care about MIDI settings. Obviously it's no MIDI file that is being played as movie sound there.

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