Still spinning

April 17, 2006

Long time no blog. Didn't have too much time to do geeky stuff recently :-/

Doesn't mean the world stopped spinning, though:

You know that the world is still spinning the right way when:

  • the preacher in front of the university library is still preaching, as usual
  • the fellow students are still wearing either pjs or shorts, regardless if it's less than 50 degrees (10 ºC) outside
  • the sun is shining but at the same time it's raining anyway. After all, this is Oregon.
  • you found yet another annoying yet ineffective OLCC trap that kept you from buying a beer in spite of you being old enough
  • due to the obvious lack of sound isolation, you can still hear every single step of your neighbors upstairs
  • the commercials still use German words to sound more "hip"... and it apparently works
  • and after all, you seem to be the only one thinking that some of these things are a little weird, sometimes ;)

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