The Pittsburgh Steelers will play the Baltimore Ravens tomorrow -- and apparently they have quite an interesting rivalry going on. But don't we all want to see the Steelers play in the Superbowl?

In preparation for the game, my grocery store at the corner sold Steelers stuff today. Incidentally, soon I'll move back home from Pittsburgh, so what better time to buy a little souvenir than now. I wanted to buy a Terrible Towel ever since I first saw it in one of the bars in Oakland. So I got one -- Here it is!

Terrible Towel

They also had Steelers-themed food on sale, such as this cake:

Stillers Fever

I know, I know, this is a very, very hideous cake. I took a photo though because I got a kick out of it saying "Stillers (sic) Fever". The local Pittsburgh accent has indeed a tendency to take long "i"s short. Examples? Well: Steelers/Stillers, of course, but also Bloomfield/Bloomfill'd, feel/fill and others. The first time I stumbled across this was when I watched TV and they mentioned the "Still City". That's not a nice nickname, I thought?... It took me a while to realize they were actually talking about the "Steel City": Pittsburgh.

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