RememberTheMilk is an online todo-list tool that I use to keep track of my everyday chores as well as, lately, the next steps I need to take for my master's thesis. (We are in the 21st centure, pencil and paper are overrated ;) )

Recently I took a look at their page's source code, and it seems, they have a Latin motto:

The Latin "Non vi sed virtute, not armis sed arte paritur victoria", for my readers whose Latin is a little rusty, means "Not by force but by virtue, not with arms but with art, victory is won."

And thanks to a little digging I can even tell you the (probable) origin of this quote: According to an article in the American Numismatic Society Magazine (yup, coin collectors), the Latin quote appears in the Sacrorum Emblematum Centuria Una (Cambridge, 1592) of Andrew Willet (1562-1621), an Anglican divine who believed that reasoned argument was a tool superior to persecution in attempting to convert Catholics to the Church of England. This sentiment is encapsulated by the Latin motto.

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