Flash mob enthusiasts will not like seeing it commercialized, but nonetheless this is just way too great not to share it:

Seriously, this must be the first good commercial German phone company Telekom has ever made. Good job!

(via killefit)

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Here's a funny commercial for a German mail-order company:

(it hurts even watching it! ;) )

Thanks for sending this to me, Tara!

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Republican presidential candidate and former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee made an interesting election commercial featuring nobody less than the actor that all other actors are merely imitating, everybody's favorite idol and the guy whose fists are faster than light: Chuck Norris.

I know what you're thinking now: "Where can I vote for Chuck, and who's that other guy in the commercial anyway?" (after all, you American voters have made an actor president before, and the Californians have made one governor, so this seems to be the logical career step for American actors). Maybe next time he'll have a heart and roundhouse kick his way to the Oval Office?

(Thanks for the link, Tara!)

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