Here you are, having to pay for your Hello Kitty drawing class at the local community college, and the only payment option is sending them a hand-written check.

By mail.

Like a savage.

Plus, if an evildoer gets their hands on the envelope, they can hold it against the light and see it's a check, then pocket it!

Now when banks and other businesses send you "snail mail" letters with sensitive information, they use security envelopes with scrambled letters printed on the lining, so it's pretty much impossible to read anything through them.

Sure you can go buy a pack of those envelopes. But you already have to go to the mailbox, and now you're also supposed to go to the store? Ain't nobody got time for that!

So here's a PDF file with scrambled "lorem ipsum" letters that you can print and wrap around your secret message before shoving it into the envelope.

Poor man's security envelope
[Download poor man's security envelope PDF]

Download it. Print it. Wallpaper your office with it if you like. It's yours.

You're welcome.

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