This photo is not photoshopped:


The Mozilla Italia team projected a Firefox wordmark onto Rome's most famous landmark -- and on many other places all over the city. Make sure to check out the picture in its full glory over on flickr.

Picture CC by-sa licensed by nois3lab on flickr.

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Instigated by Twitter's fail whale, more and more Web 2.0 companies feel the necessity to add a fail-pet to their "OMG" error pages.

I've been loosely collecting those before, so my friend Tobi was so nice to send this one from Facebook over:

Facebook: Boo Boo

I think it's from an app and not Facebook itself, but I may be wrong. Anyhow, apparently their hampster made a boo boo. That's more information than I needed, but at least it eases the pain of the failed application. And that's gotta count for something, right?

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Today at


Apparently, I have my own lolcat ;)

(Thanks for the link, Dolske!)

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Yes, yes it is. Says


In fact, it is "too down" even to display the fail-whale. I've not seen that before :)

PS: On an unrelated side note:

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Just recently, my fiancée Tara joined the blogging community with her first own blog called "Domaine de Tara".

Domaine de Tara

She started off with a nice little article on the hunt for American-style brown sugar in Germany. It also includes a yummy recipe for baking Oatmeal Walnut Chocolate Chunk Cookies which -- in spite of the sugar-related difficulties -- turned out more than delicious.

Her future posts are likely going to be about food (both her passion and profession) and German strangeness she's just bound to stumble across every once in awhile... :)

Feel free to visit her blog, say hello, and maybe even subscribe to the RSS feed. Have fun!

The photo is from a trip we took to Provence, where a winery coincidentally carries my fiancée's name.

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I jus stumbled across this awesome (and huge!) world map that overlays a regular map of the world with the countries' respective top-level domain codes.

Country Chart

Here's an excerpt from the Caribbean:

Caribbean countries, excerpt

The map is a pleasure to look at even on the screen (I love the colors!), and I might even buy one in print and hang it on the wall.


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This kid is awesome:

Fastest Firefox: World's Fastest Cup Stacker

He's 11 years old, and the world's fastest cup stacker. He made this "Fastest Firefox" video for the upcoming Firefox 3.5 launch. Of course Firefox can't stack cups, but its new TraceMonkey JavaScript engine is also one of the fastest in the world!

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50000Die Online-Petition beim Deutschen Bundestag gegen die unsäglichen Pläne der Bundesregierung, Contentfilter im Internet einzurichten, hat nun auch einen Twitter-Feed.

Unter dem Namen @Mitzeichner notiert ein Bot, wie viele Leute bereits die Petition online "unterzeichnet" haben -- zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt beispielsweise bereits über 40.000 Leute.

Mitzeichner on Twitter

Ich freue mich, dass die Mindestzahl von 50.000 Unterzeichnern in greifbare Nähe gerückt ist.

In diesem Zusammenhang bin ich über eine weitere interessante Webseite gestolpert: Der Verein MOGIS (kurz für "Missbrauchsopfer gegen Internetsperren") hat es sich zum Ziel gesetzt, die geplanten Internetsperren zu verhindern. Den Grund dafür beschreibt der Verein auf seiner Internetseite:

wir [wollen] uns hier nicht ... als Galionsfiguren einer schleichenden Einführung einer Internetzensur missbrauchen lassen. Denn seien wir doch mal ehrlich, da wird doch kein einziges Kind weniger missbraucht, nur weil Frau von der Laien meint ein paar DNS-Namen umbiegen zu müssen. (...) Da wird also ein Kind missbraucht, und die Politik schaut, demnächst auch dank DNS-Sperren, weg? (...) Und deswegen stehen wir für ein zensurfreies Internet ein, als “MissbrauchsOpfer Gegen InternetSperren”.

Ich habe großen Respekt vor diesen Missbrauchsopfern, die sich als Gruppe derer, die hier vermeintlich geschützt werden sollen, zusammentun, um diesem Unsinn ein Ende zu bereiten.

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Browsing through the Oregon State University Archives on Flickr, I found this cool 1940 photo of Multnomah Falls, by the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon:

Multnomah Falls

Click on the picture to see a larger version.

I totally dig the old American cars, and the overall "family day trip" vibe. Also, I just love the color of this Kodachrome color picture.

The falls, by the way, were still as gorgeous as they are in this picture when I went there 65 years later.

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Haha, this make so little sense:


Yes, this is a pear with a mouth. Once more proof that Internet memes can be quite random.

(thanks to Wil who pointed this out)

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