Liebe Uni Karlsruhe,

wenn man bei einem Studentenausweis-Symbolfoto den Namen ändert, sollte man eventuell auch das Portraitfoto anpassen.

Fricard: Klaus-Dieter

Bevor dieses nette Mädchen nämlich zu einem "Klaus-Dieter" umgetauft wurde, hieß sie einmal "Eva-Maria". Vielleicht war es ihr Bruder, oder ihr Ehemann? Der Nachname war nämlich gleich, wenn ich mich recht erinnere :)

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Wow. That's an interesting test (no prank, don't worry):

Did you see it?... I did not!

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This is how facebook greets me this morning:

Facebook in German

Welcome to Facebook in German... Now German speakers all over the world can join.

I am not sure if I have the heart to switch it to German though: It just "feels wrong". And after all, I think it'd result in a horrible mixture of English and German, wouldn't it?

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From a "natural beauty" advertisement, via Rouven:

Talk to your daughter -- before the beauty industry does.

That reminds me of this impressive "evolution" video from 2006, that takes us from model to billboard in under 60 seconds:

Needless to say, as for every successful video there's a pretty funny parody around on the internet:

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A little video from the Animaniacs TV show featuring a song about the nations of the world.

Funny how they sing "Germany now in one piece" -- of course some things are outdated too, such as "Czechoslovakia". Needless to say that "Yugoslavia" is also a thing of the past. These facts, by the way, date the song somewhere between 1990 and 1993, if I am not mistaken.

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Can't. Stop. Watching.

Movies reenacted by bunnies in 30 seconds.

My favorites so far: Pulp Fiction, A Christmas Story and, well, most of the others too.

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"Another Difficulty for a Microsoft-Yahoo Marriage: Recruiting"

-- an interesting NYT article about how big companies become an increasingly less popular workplace for young engineering talent, in favor of smaller companies, where they have more impact and some of which have the potential of making them rich if they take off.

(Thanks for the link, Paul)

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I stumbled across Stanford on iTunes U today, which seems to be a great resource of fine academic materials and other gems worth listening to and watching, conveniently in the software you may use for your media collection anyway.

Then I found Steve Jobs' commencement speech from 2005 that he held for the Stanford graduates of the year. It's really inspirational and very worth watching, check it out:

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Oh, that almost slipped through my radar: On January the 10th, Wikipedia's featured article was the Oregon State Capitol in Salem, OR.

The Oregon State Capitol The Oregon State Capitol, picture off Wikipedia.

Which made me notice that I never got to go there, even though I lived barely a half-hour away for a year. However, I guess I made up for it by visiting the Idaho State Capitol in Boise, ID :)

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After I posted about Fred campaign merchandise recently, I was pointed to the "home and garden" section on Amazon, which apparently has a lovely collection of Fred-related merchandise!

Of course I want most of these things (did I mention I will add them to my wish list) and probably "need" none of them :) .

Except for the Fred "ouch" toothpick holder, maybe (which would make for a nice voodoo doll, too!):

Fred Toothpick Holder

(Thanks for the link, Jenny!)

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