Day 102 - "Native" HTML5

On the Interwebs, a blog post on behalf of Internet Explorer 10 made the rounds today, trying to coin the term "native HTML5" for web applications that look like Windows applications, grotesquely turning the cross-platform nature of the Web into a flaw that can only be remedied by ignoring both other platforms and even different versions of the platform in question.

In the community, this curious opinion has been received with humor, which is exactly the kind of reaction this marketing blabber should receive. (This is also in the interest of the engineers at Microsoft who work hard to implement more and more web standards in Internet Explorer, which -- remember! -- greatly benefits all web users who can't or choose not to pick a different browser. They are the people who are unnecessarily and ironically ridiculed by the "native HTML5" blog article).

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Day 98 - Lightning Talks

Final day of the Mozilla All-Hands week! Tons of lightning talks about interesting topics today. Here, Lars shows off his Python development environment.

After I get some sleep this weekend, I'll have plenty of software and tips and tricks to try out that I collected over the week. Exciting!

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Day 96 - Get to Work!

After spending some time celebrating and getting to know each other better, it's time to make the Mozilla Work Week deserve its name, and look ahead! A meeting to attract as many people as you see in the picture can only mean one thing: Firefox. The new development process is well underway, with a huge impact not only on Firefox itself, but on all supporting properties, like Mozilla's various websites and webtools. All of this will lead to getting new features (and of course, bug fixes) into the users' hands faster than ever before, and I am excited to help make this happen!

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Day 93 - Giant Fox

Today, a bunch of Mozillians made a trip to Great America. The rides were sooo much fun! And then, at some ring-throwing game, Dustin scored and got a giant fox. In the picture: Les, pretending to be the CEO of Firefox Mozilla.

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Day 88 - Firefox for Android Phones of All Sizes

Today we released Firefox 4 for Mobile, available on the Android and Maemo platforms. It combines all the awesomeness of Firefox 4 into one small package. If you have an Android (or Maemo) phone, hop on over to and give it a try!

In the picture: Cheng, of Mozilla Support fame, using Firefox on a gigantic (borrowed) Nexus S phone. Yes, the touch screen really works, and yes, it is really running an instance of the Android operating system with a real version of Firefox for Mobile. It's awesome!

In the background: The team of Mozilla France, enjoying the launch festivities while being connected to various Mozillans across the globe via video conference.

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Microsoft sends Mozilla (another) Cake for the Firefox 4 Release

It has been a tradition ever since Firefox 2: Whenever we ship a major Firefox release, the Microsoft Internet Explorer team sends us a congratulatory cake.

This is a fine gesture. Hat tip to our fellow browser makers in Redmond. Remember: Competition is good for business. :)

Feel free to tweet or "like" this, if you're so inclined:

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Day 81 - First Stickers!

Today's mad Firefox 4 launch is an excellent opportunity for me to decorate my laptop with stickers for the first time ever. If you have any other stickers I should put on it, let me know :) You can also send them to me, of course (Fred Wenzel, c/o Mozilla, 650 Castro St #300, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA) if you're so inclined. Let's get that canvas decorated!

Also, in case you haven't done so yet: Firefox 4 is available for download now, and it is not only faster and nicer than ever, it is also available in a whopping 82 languages. Download it today!

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Day 75 - Headless

Our Firefox costume can look a little lost and headless in between parties. But I am sure it'll be back on track for the Firefox 4 festivities!

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Day 68 - Push Day

This is what it looks like when we release software at Mozilla. Except for when it doesn't. This was actually a fairly unusual day, when (most) developers, IT, product, and QA all found themselves in a conference room in Mountain View. Usually, this is much more virtual, with the "room" being an IRC channel or perhaps a conference call, all of which spanning multiple time zones.

Because releasing software alone wasn't challenge enough :)

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Day 53 - Self Portrait

Today I took a self portrait at the office. Just so my dear readers know what I look like when I do Project 365. The attentive ones among you might recognize the sketch in the background from day 35.

The "mirror", by the way, is a regular window, whose sun protection coating becomes really reflective when it's light dark outside.

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