Day 294 - New Glasses

Woot, my new glasses arrived. Self-portrait time!

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Day 293 - Beer and Tell

Today in Mozilla-land: Webdev Show and Tell, accompanied by an age-appropriate beverage of choice. Presenting via video conference worked surprisingly well, and the projects that people showed off were excellent. 't was great fun!

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My fellow Mozilla Webdev Lonnen made some fabulous campaign buttons today for our favorite inventor of a popular web programming language, just in case he ever wants to run for president.

"Say what?"

I anticipated you saying that, which is why I brought in a celebrity to illustrate my point:

Day 292 - I Like Eich

Get it?

(Okay, here's your fine print: Dwight Eisenhower's official picture may be in the public domain, but his passing predates the creation of JavaScript by a few decades which makes his support of Brendan Eich a slightly outrageous (read: not factual) statement. Though it obviously goes without saying that Ike would use Firefox if he were alive today.)

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Day 291 - Edward, the Edible Alien

You know what's the great part about baking your own (Naan) bread? Besides the taste, of course. That you get to shape it yourself. Like an alien, for example.

Now I am kind of sad I ate it instead of selling it to the highest bidder, but what can you do?

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Day 290 - Mmmmh, Bacon.

Best license plate ever.

Hands down.

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Day 289 - Checking out the new flickr android app.

Lonnen has been guinea pigged.

Also, why are the image effects called after cities that seemingly have no relation to the effect that is going to be applied? I am confused. Can I have Instagram on Android now, please? Kthxbai.

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Day 288 - Eye to Eye

An eye doctor appointment on a Sunday? Pretty convenient indeed. This way you don't look like you're on drugs at work ;)

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Day 287 - Fall

It's fall, definitely fall now. If only the temperature eased off a little bit (and the humidity, pretty please?), that would be terrific.

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Day 286 - Zoidberg

With the addition of Doctor Zoidberg, the ratio of serious to funny entries on the corporate pin board is further declining. Also, Futurama ftw.

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Day 285 - Table Flip

Today I came across this delightful example of abusing unicode characters to tell a story: The angry table flip. Now I want to put it on a shortcut somehow and use it whenever appropriate :).

Elsewhere in the hilarious world of abusing other languages' characters, there's also the Look of Disapproval (thanks, Alan, for pointing it out!).

Oh, the unicode code space is a wonderful place.

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