Day 304 - Trinke Spaten

Lass dir raten, trinke Spaten! -- If this truck was painted in German, this would almost feel like Munich!

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Day 303 - Not the Real Leaning Tower of Pisa

Looking for its own fifteen minutes of fame, this water bottle decided to imitate a famous landmark. It tried out a few of them before finally settling for the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

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Day 302 - Ghosts

Tomorrow is Halloween, but ghosts are already everywhere... woooooo!

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Day 301 - Steak

Tonight's dinner was a delicious episode of "Beef, done right" at the hands of morgamic. This is 1.8 pounds of grass-fed top sirloin, paired with a nice, 2009 Côtes du Rhône red wine. Mmmmh.

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Day 300 - Napoleon Dynamite

Today at Mozilla: The annual Halloween costume contest. Meet Napoleon Dynamite (Chris More), winner of the second prize and my personal favorite.

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Day 299 - Yaaaawn

Quick photo of the doggie with yesterday's fisheye lens still attached to the camera. The giant nose and the big yawn just crack me up :)

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Day 298 - Christmas Lights

Yes, this is a picture taken today.

Yes, these are Christmas lights.

Lit up Christmas lights.

On October 26.

I kid you not.

(Update:) And no, they are not mine.

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Day 297 - Double Rainbow

That's some powerful orange juice we got there at the office. It even contains a double rainbow! If it was me, I'd also include some unicorn. Though then, it would be neither vegan nor kosher, which might harm the target audience.

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Day 296 - Ciel!

Came across this shop window decoration today: "Ciel, où sont mes lunettes?" -- "Heaven! Where are my glasses?" What the shocked 1950s house wive character does not know (or can't see, anyway) is that her husband is wearing them just to mess with her. He doesn't need glasses anymore since he got laser eye surgery 14 months ago. Though in the 50s, it was called Chisel Eye Surgery because instead of lasers they used crude chisels from the optometrists' wood shops.

Also, none of this is true. Who is this? Prank caller! Prank caller!

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Day 295 - Pumpkins

Autumn is here! And it brought with it plenty of nice, orange pumpkins, just waiting to be turned into jack-o-lanterns. Or pumpkin soup. Up to you.

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