Day 77 - Free Beer

My home office (affectionately nicknamed the "man cave") of course has to sport some art work that does its nickname justice -- like this! I am quite fond of metal plates, so I was happy when we found this one at a bookstore in Mountain View a few months ago.

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Did I mention Girl Scouts Cookies are excellent? Sure, I won't touch the mint ones, but the Trefoils are most likely my favorite American-made cookies. OMNOMNOMNOMNOM, as the cookie monster would say.

Thanks, Jenny, for the express delivery!!

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Day 75 - Headless

Our Firefox costume can look a little lost and headless in between parties. But I am sure it'll be back on track for the Firefox 4 festivities!

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Day 74 - Almost Christmas

I am by no means what people would call a Mac "Fanboy". For example, when the iPad2 was announced, I didn't even know an Apple event was going on, even though a lot of people in the office watched the livestream online, as I found out later...

However, today I got my new work laptop and I must say, there's little in the electronics world that is so fun to unpack and start up as a new Mac. Additionally, even though I decided not to do a "migration" this time for fear of copying too much useless cruft over to the new machine, I had my entire development environment up and running within a few hours. I am helped by such nice things as the fact that you can just plug two Macs together with a network cable, and they'll figure out a network between each other, making copying (even several gigabytes of) files over ridiculously easy.

Now back to work. What were we doing again? Ah, that's right, shipping Firefox 4 and friends!

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This is a photo out of American Airlines' McDonnell Douglas MD-80 safety instructions. Besides the photo looking like it was taken in the 70s: Is this a scene from a Stephen King movie?

I mean, look at it. Estranged wife Alice here, evidently just pushed her husband Bob out of an airplane in an attempt to secure the house and cash in on the life insurance policy. To her dismay, there happened to be an evacuation slide where she thought stairs were awaiting. Bob, completely oblivious to this vicious ploy against him, just decides to enjoy the ride. Woah, a slide! It is grey or yellow in color! Wheeeeeeeee!

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Day 72 - Byebye, PyCon 2011

Today was the last day of (the conference part of) PyCon 2011. Besides a few more talks (all of which have been recorded and are available online!), there was a poster session where various projects showed off their efforts. Like a science fair, except for geeks (wait, science fairs are already for geeks)...!

(It seems, back when most cameras sucked, one would get pictures with light leaked in, and/or instant film borders by necessity. Now that better technology has made this a thing of the past, people like me use software to put such quality flaws back into the picture. The irony is not lost on me.)

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Day 71 - Atlanta's Finest

Say hi to Atlanta's Finest: These motorcycle cops were getting ready to keep the surroundings of tonight's Kentucky -- Alabama game safe. (It took me a little bit of research to find out what game exactly this was, even though the Kentucky part wasn't hard to guess given the abundance of people in blue UK gear all over downtown Atlanta).

These cops later dispersed as quickly as they had assembled, leaving behind only a single, fellow policeman on a different set of two-wheeler: A Segway.

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Day 70 - Galactic Senate

The Hyatt Regency in Atlanta, where PyCon is, has a huge atrium, and all the hotel rooms are on the galleries along the edges. It's all concrete and therefore looks a lot like 70s (or so) futuristic architecture (the transparent, but lit up elevators do an additional job at enforcing this impression). Besides that, it also reminds a lot of Star Wars' Galactic Senate, with hundreds of senators each in their own floating "VIP booth".

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Day 69 - PyCon Arrival

Today, I was traveling to PyCon, a Python Open Source conference. I was thinking about posting a photo of traveling to the conference (I have a lot of photos showing planes and such), but then I stuck with the community. This is a photo of the first place I visited when I met new people I didn't know before PyCon. A brewery in downtown Atlanta.

We talked a lot about web applications, security, etc. It was fun! :)

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Day 68 - Push Day

This is what it looks like when we release software at Mozilla. Except for when it doesn't. This was actually a fairly unusual day, when (most) developers, IT, product, and QA all found themselves in a conference room in Mountain View. Usually, this is much more virtual, with the "room" being an IRC channel or perhaps a conference call, all of which spanning multiple time zones.

Because releasing software alone wasn't challenge enough :)

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