Day 217 - Weekend

Revisiting the recent topic of West Coast microbrews: Kicked off the weekend with a fabulous IPA from Sierra Nevada, a Californian microbrewery, after a long day of meetings and interviews. Prost!

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Day 216 - Freight Train

Scenes like this serve as a constant reminder that the IT industry is not the only relevant industry in or around the Silicon Valley.

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Day 215 - JägerMonkey

JägerMonkey is the code name of Firefox 4's (and later) JavaScript engine (glad I know how to type umlauts). The name is a reference to a well-known beverage (who would have thought). JägerMonkey also has this awesome sticker (and t-shirt) design, though the science-savvy are fast to point out that this is not a monkey but an ape in the picture. Pssshhh, don't mention it to anyone.

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Day 214 - Massive Firefox

I've seen a few of these across the office lately: Little plush Firefoxes with a fondness for too many cookies. Time to get to the gym, I say!

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Day 213 - Copying

Time to migrate the missus' computer to a Mac! Of course, one first has to suffer through a big dose of Windows Vista being, well, Windows Vista, but no pain, no gain.

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Day 212 - Orchids

A bunch of orchids I saw at a flower stand today. Pretty!

If I can believe my camera's file naming, this also happens to be the 8000th photo I've ever taken with this camera. Woah.

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Day 211 - Gilroy Garlic Festival

The Gilroy Garlic Festival (in the self-proclaimed "garlic capital of the world") is the destination an annual pilgrimage of garlic lovers from near and far. Some would say, eating (almost) exclusively garlicky food in the glaring summer sun is a bad idea, but obviously those would just be disbelievers. Plus, they had garlic ice cream, too ;)

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Day 210 - Dancers

Some people ballroom dancing at a Friday night dance in Palo Alto.

I hope I struck the fine balance between "too blurry" and "just the right amount of motion blur to convey the speed of the moment" well.

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Day 209 - Flatscreens are for wimps

Oh, nostalgia. This is a 27 inch iMac pretending to run an ancient CRT display terminal complete with flickering, slow display times, 25 lines and all the other goodness that we used to mean when we were talking about computers a little more than 20 years ago.

The epic emulator software is appropriately called Cathode.

And this, my friends, is why PEP 8 asks you to line-break at 78 characters.

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Day 208 - Party like it's 1988

I know. Photographically there's so much wrong with this (for example, can my cell phone get a polarizing filter, please?) but the subject is pretty awesome.

In a place where there are usually advertisements for boring present-day products, today I saw this vintage poster advertising reduced transfer rates during the holiday season 1988 for the Santa Clara County Transportation Agency, as the predecessor of the VTA was called back then.

Epic, epic. As the poster was not explained at all but looked like an original (faded ink, yellowed paper), I am wondering how it got there. Not sure if I'd be bold enough to take an original out of the archives and stick it into a showcase by a train stop, hoping no-one will steal it. Well, let's hope everyone just enjoys it from a distance.

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