Day 267 - Dogcula

Behold, (perhaps) the creepiest dog toy ever! What is it meant to do, entertain your dog or scare the hell out of it ;)

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Day 266 - Like Peas in a Pod

An espresso pod's sad view of life. In a crowded drawer, day in day out hoping to be picked next.

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Day 265 - Rear Window

Hitchcock would be proud of this photo, I think. The neighbor's tiny little back yard has developed into somewhat of a landfill here (more so than your average American two-car garage that forces the owner to actually park the car in front of it). On the upside, it almost never rains in Northern California, so he is apparently confident enough to put uncovered, electric appliances out there as well. Not a bid I'd want to take, but perhaps he's winning in Vegas all the time and now wants to branch out.

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Day 264 - A Firefox-Themed QR Code

This is me, reading a Firefox-themed QR Code with my cell phone.

After getting the idea from this excellent blog post, I made a QR code pointing to, sporting a nice little Firefox logo in the middle.

For the geeks among you who would like the 411, this works because QR codes have a certain degree of redundancy for error correction. The logo in the middle is considered an "error" and thus, the rest of the code is used to puzzle together the information in the code anyway.

Try it out with your smart phone (on Android, with an app like Barcode Scanner), it really works!

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Day 263 - Dragonfly

A dragonfly sitting in the grass -- those creatures are fast and hard to capture on "film"! Looks like I have to buy faster lenses if I want to make it big in the dragonfly photography business! (Before you ask, this is probably not a real business. Though, who knows. The Internet is a big place.)

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Day 262 - Rickshaw

Back to the topic of street photography: A kid, riding comfortably in a rickshaw-like contraption on the back of its dad. Looks like quite the comfortable way to travel!

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Day 261 - Garlic Braids

Pretty garlic braids, at the farmers' market. Obviously, made from Gilroy Garlic.

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Day 260 - Cooking With Gas

Sure, there are many ways to heat up food to comestible temperatures. The college students among us know the microwave method all too well, and my European self lifts an eyebrow every time I see those curiously exposed heating coils on old American stove tops (a.k.a. the finest technology the 1950s have to offer). But the real king of cooking is this: Natural gas. (Go away, hipsters, with your silly induction stove tops).

The gas stove is seen here in its natural habitat, turning beef bones and veggies into delicious, delicious stock.

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Day 259 - There, I Fixed It

My colleague had a backpack that was, unfortunately, slightly broken. As you can see, he fixed it. Not bad!

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Day 258 - Flood much?

Watering the plants... you're doin' it 'rooong :)

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