Limoncello, Part 2

March 18, 2012

Oh noes! Yesterday I learned that I never posted the followup photos to my Limoncello experiment a few months ago! Sorry about that. Here it goes!

A few weeks after preparing the lemon zest and Everclear concoction for the steeping, I got it back out of the basement: Limoncello

Meanwhile, I had obtained and cleaned some small, reclosable lemonade bottles (after drinking their content, of course): <!--more--> Limoncello

Straining the zest from the concentrated lemon extract reveals that it has transferred virtually all its color into the liquid and is now almost white. Fun! Limoncello Limoncello

Prepared some simple syrup (same amount as the lemon extract, i.e., about half a liter) in a pot and stirred it in. As you may have noticed, this changed the tint of the liquid a little: I used raw cane sugar, which unlike refined white sugar has a little bit of a color of its own. But hey! Trading color for flavor is fine by me. Limoncello

Stirred it good, funneled into the bottles! Limoncello

Finally, off into the freezer, and after a few hours... Prost!

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