Day 3 - Mozilla All-hands Meeting

The first weekly meeting in 2011. Of course, not a whole lot happened during the holidays. But there was a huge line of new hires. Welcome aboard, everyone!

This is a cellphone pic, which is probably noticeable. Nonetheless, I am actually quite pleased with its picture quality. I've seen much, much worse.

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Day 2 - Wired

This weekend, I hooked up a Cisco Linksys E2000 router (upgrading from Wireless-G to 5Ghz Wireless-N). Sure enough, my laptop wouldn't consistently connect to it, so I ended up restructuring my network, and only after I installed DD-WRT on the new router did it become usable. I like the hackability of Linksys devices, but the preinstalled firmware is (and has always been) a piece of crap.

This is another pic taken at f/1.8, thus the low DOF. The white balance was highly messed up (apparently, none of the presets match my basement lights), so I fixed it after downloading the pic to the computer.

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Day 1 - Mirror Pond

What a better way to end a holiday than with a sip of Oregonian beer?

For this photo, I manually picked just about everything: Aperture, shutter speed, white balance. Very fun when it turns into a nice picture afterwards :)

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Day 0 - Lizzy under the couch

Under the couch is decidedly Lizzy's favorite spot in our entire house. Of course, she has trouble both getting into and out of it, but that doesn't deter her the slightest bit from getting under there whenever she can.

Taken with a Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 prime lens. Cropped and lighted up the shadows a tad.

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