There's an excellent xkcd web comic about slacking off while compiling code, but of course, I don't usually compile code, because I code in Python.

In the wake of a little server outage here at Mozilla, here's my version of the comic:

(Based on the above xkcd web comic. Licensed under a CC by-nc license.)

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Day 10 - Sparsity in the Webdev Section

Before 9am in the webdev section means emptiness. Except for Luke and myself.

Regarding the pic: Interesting graininess of the Nexus S camera in low lighting conditions. One could also safely call it "ugly".

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Day 10 - Oregon vs Auburn

Today's picture doesn't exactly qualify as a photo, but let's not be too critical... :)

This is Oregon vs. Auburn in the BCS finals, as seen in my instance of Firefox 4.0b9pre.

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Day 9 - Sunday Shopping

Living close to a mall does have its advantages.

This is a cell phone photo with a silly polaroid-esque frame. Guess what. I am old enough that as a kid, I did once win such an instant film camera in a raffle.

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Day 8 - Cooking

When you see my figure, you'd probably not guess how spoiled I am food-wise. Well, here's proof: Tara making biscuits (in the American sense of the word) to go with tonight's dinner. Om nom nom!

My first 365 picture that actually qualifies as a portrait!

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Day 7 - Cantina Night

"Cantina night" is Mozilla's weekly week-end get-together for employees (and friends) to hang out, chat, and also play video games.

Cell phones make it hard to take photos when the lighting is a little bad, but I actually like the way the kid is burry because he's moving while playing.

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Day 6 - Benches

Even in the evening sun, it is still a tiny little bit too cold to sit on these benches quite yet.

Following morgamic's advice, I stopped down three stops from my lens' maximum aperture, making the image ridiculously sharp (zoom in to check it out). I am quite pleased with the result. Only needed to straighten it a little -- apparently, when mechanical body enhancements have gone mainstream (must be any day now), I'm going to have to have a level built into my elbow.

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Day 5 - Ceiling Cat is Watching You

This real-life version of a well-known Internet meme was one of the Christmas tree toppers at the Mozilla offices this past Christmas. (Anyone know who made it?). When the trees were removed, brave souls saved the toppers from what seemed to be their sealed fate and put them up on display in different spots in the office.

This is a highest-quality cellphone pic taken with Vignette, with the "toy camera" filter applied. I like the graininess and dark corners that came out as a result.

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On the Library of Congress' flickr feed, I just stumbles across the following, fabulous portrait of Coleman Hawkins. In the background: Miles Davis. So cool.

[Portrait of Coleman Hawkins and Miles Davis, Three Deuces, New York, N.Y., ca. July 1947] (LOC)

Portrait of Coleman Hawkins and Miles Davis, Three Deuces, New York, N.Y., ca. July 1947

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Day 4 - Scratched

How exactly did I manage to put such a deep (but short) scratch into my laptop without noticing it? Looks like something metally bumped straight into it. Strange things happening here!

Photo taken with my cell phone's cam in "macro" mode. Not bad! Next, I think I'll give Vignette for Android a shot.

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