Day 87 - Guinness Levels Critical

A well-appreciated Guinness after a laborious day! And I am saying that, having only recently acquired a tolerance taste for this stuff. Usually, I steer clear of dark beers in favor of something more hoppy. But fresh from the tap, Guinness is not half bad :)

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Day 86 - Shelved

Today, at last, I got around to re-building my garage shelves, so my tools finally have a proper "home". It turned out to be a project of the kind "assemble IKEA stuff without instructions and with some parts missing", but the results were good. Though the angle brackets to connect the shelves to the wall were MIA, I used different ones that I had on hand, with screws I happened to have around. The majority of the weight is carried by the shelves' L-feet anyway -- I am quite sure I wouldn't want to trust an American-style drywall to carry any serious weight ;).

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Day 85 - Minecraft

Oh no! Yesterday was the first day in 85 days of "Project 365" that I failed to take and post a picture that same day. I blame Minecraft: During the day I was busy, but usually catch up on the photo taking before the end of day. But then I gave Minecraft a shot: It's a fantastic little game about converting a world made of blocks into something awesome (and all the while staying safe from the monsters that come out at night). I like the gameplay and how--in this xbox and PS3-saturated world of ours--it's a game that totally pulls off the 8-bit graphics.

Apologies for the delayed post and I'll try to be on top of it again (unless I get sucked into the game agai.........

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Day 84 - Secret Outfit

Today was work-from-home day for me, which means I can wear a shirt like this -- that I usually wouldn't wear in public, or people would think I am a Googler, and we don't want this, do we? I got the shirt a few weeks ago at PyCon where Google had a booth and handed out these t-shirts if you solved a Python problem for them. All right! By the way, the back reads, Python: Programming how Guido Indented it. Oh, how punny :)

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Day 83 - Orefornia

A view of Mountain View's Castro Street this morning. All of Northern California is spending these weeks under a deeply dark cloud of constant rain and windstorms, with such fun events as (according to last night's news), flood warnings for all counties except Santa Clara (phew, at least we dodged that bullet).

When I moved here they told me, the weather is always nice in the Bay Area. They tricked me! What is this, Oregon? ;)

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Day 82 - Salade au Chèvre Chaud

It's time for another food photo in the project 365 collection. This is salad with warm goat cheese, and it was all sorts of delicious.

I like wide-angle photographs like this for inside photography, as it is so hard to get a lot into the frame otherwise. Keeping straight lines from looking completely ridiculously curvy can be a challenge, but what would a photo project be without those ;)

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Microsoft sends Mozilla (another) Cake for the Firefox 4 Release

It has been a tradition ever since Firefox 2: Whenever we ship a major Firefox release, the Microsoft Internet Explorer team sends us a congratulatory cake.

This is a fine gesture. Hat tip to our fellow browser makers in Redmond. Remember: Competition is good for business. :)

Feel free to tweet or "like" this, if you're so inclined:

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Day 81 - First Stickers!

Today's mad Firefox 4 launch is an excellent opportunity for me to decorate my laptop with stickers for the first time ever. If you have any other stickers I should put on it, let me know :) You can also send them to me, of course (Fred Wenzel, c/o Mozilla, 650 Castro St #300, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA) if you're so inclined. Let's get that canvas decorated!

Also, in case you haven't done so yet: Firefox 4 is available for download now, and it is not only faster and nicer than ever, it is also available in a whopping 82 languages. Download it today!

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Day 80 - Almost Springtime

If one ignores the cold, ugly rainstorms that we've had every weekend for a while now, it's starting to get springy in the Bay Area! These pretty trees grow nearby and have apparently decided that it's about time to start blooming. Very pretty!

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Day 79 - New Toy

Is there anything that can make a day any better than a new toy? This is a rubber ball from Nylabone (no, the company does not pay me for this ;)). Their toys turned out to be mighty solid, which dramatically increases their half life with Lizzy, who is surprisingly talented at ripping toys to shreds (usually, by identifying the weak spot and gnawing on it until it cracks). So far, she hasn't been able to destroy any of her Nylabones, though she is gradually wearing them down.

Taking photos of pets is hard: They never hold still! So, as always, this photo came down to a tradeoff: I went way up with the aperture, down with the exposure, and up with the ISO. That led to a darkish, quite grainy picture that I brightened up a little on the computer. I think I like how it turned out.

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