Day 136 - I like Wings!

Look at my whiteboard, as I found it when I came back from vacation!

It is true, I do like chicken wings! How did they know?!

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Day 135 - Rainy, Rainy

It's a rainy day in the Bay Area. Ironic, coming back from Europe (which tends to be a tiny little bit more on the rainy side during this time of year) home to see it be rainy here instead. Better than the other way around I guess!

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Day 134 - Tail Fins

The tail fins (or "vertical stabilizers" as they are apparently correctly called) of two Lufthansa airplanes at Frankfurt International Airport.

Side note: The reflections in the window and the ugly advertisement make me sad a little, but other than that, I still thought this made for a good shot.

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Day 133 - Dwarf

A decorative little dwarf (possibly with a weight problem) on one of my Mom's window sills.

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Day 132 - SNCF

A Corail train, waiting for people to board, at Lyon Perrache station.

Corail are the "slow" variant of French long-distance trains, as opposed to the famous TGV ("Train à Grande Vitesse", meaning high-speed train). On the route between Strasbourg, Alsace, and Lyon, Rhone-Alpes, however, both kinds take the same time due to the old age of the tracks. There's hope though: By the end of the year, a new high-speed connection between the two cities is going to be opened, improving travel times significantly.

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Day 131 - Reflections

Houses in Lyon, France, reflecting in the smooth waters of the Rhone river.

There has been little rainfall lately, resulting in low water levels and almost no motion in the water. This makes for tons of algae in the water (ewww) but also pretty reflections like this.

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Day 130 - Fountain

A ghost (dragon? monster?) spitting water on Saint Jean square in Lyon, France.

Check out the individual drops of water, mid-flight.

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Day 129 - On the Train

My wife Tara looking out the window on a TGV train in the German countryside.

I like this picture a lot: There's the reflection in the window, as well as the partial profile on the left, and of course the mildly blurry countryside in the background. Cool!

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Day 128 - Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider

This is an old Alfa Romeo convertible, as seen near Milan, Italy. It's what I believe to be an Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider, model year 1955. It's such an awesome vehicle that the owner could not resist to drive it with the roof down, even in the middle of the night in the Po river valley, where the rice fields spawn a disturbing number of mosquitoes at this time of year.

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Day 127 - Cappuccino Italiano

For reference, dear friends from a certain Seattle-based coffee chain: This is how a real cappuccino should look like!

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