Day 102 - "Native" HTML5

April 12, 2011

Day 102 - "Native" HTML5

On the Interwebs, a blog post on behalf of Internet Explorer 10 made the rounds today, trying to coin the term "native HTML5" for web applications that look like Windows applications, grotesquely turning the cross-platform nature of the Web into a flaw that can only be remedied by ignoring both other platforms and even different versions of the platform in question.

In the community, this curious opinion has been received with humor, which is exactly the kind of reaction this marketing blabber should receive. (This is also in the interest of the engineers at Microsoft who work hard to implement more and more web standards in Internet Explorer, which -- remember! -- greatly benefits all web users who can't or choose not to pick a different browser. They are the people who are unnecessarily and ironically ridiculed by the "native HTML5" blog article).

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