Day 79 - New Toy

March 20, 2011

Day 79 - New Toy

Is there anything that can make a day any better than a new toy? This is a rubber ball from Nylabone (no, the company does not pay me for this ;)). Their toys turned out to be mighty solid, which dramatically increases their half life with Lizzy, who is surprisingly talented at ripping toys to shreds (usually, by identifying the weak spot and gnawing on it until it cracks). So far, she hasn't been able to destroy any of her Nylabones, though she is gradually wearing them down.

Taking photos of pets is hard: They never hold still! So, as always, this photo came down to a tradeoff: I went way up with the aperture, down with the exposure, and up with the ISO. That led to a darkish, quite grainy picture that I brightened up a little on the computer. I think I like how it turned out.

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