Day 74 - Almost Christmas

March 15, 2011

Day 74 - Almost Christmas

I am by no means what people would call a Mac "Fanboy". For example, when the iPad2 was announced, I didn't even know an Apple event was going on, even though a lot of people in the office watched the livestream online, as I found out later...

However, today I got my new work laptop and I must say, there's little in the electronics world that is so fun to unpack and start up as a new Mac. Additionally, even though I decided not to do a "migration" this time for fear of copying too much useless cruft over to the new machine, I had my entire development environment up and running within a few hours. I am helped by such nice things as the fact that you can just plug two Macs together with a network cable, and they'll figure out a network between each other, making copying (even several gigabytes of) files over ridiculously easy.

Now back to work. What were we doing again? Ah, that's right, shipping Firefox 4 and friends!

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