Day 54 - Barber Shop

February 23, 2011

Day 54 - Paul's Barber Shop

Today I went and got a much-needed haircut. For a few months now, P's Barber Shop on El Camino in Mountain View has been my barber of choice. It's in a quaint little hut that's really easy to miss, and I probably would have, but I first found it on Yelp and liked the good reviews, so I went to find it.

Ever since I first came to the US I always chose old-fashioned barber shops for my haircuts. Unlike chains like Supercuts, I always had the impression there that the barber actually cared that I looked good when I walked out. Plus, barber shops are quite affordable, so that's an added incentive. And the people who run them tend to be fun too: Curiously most barbers I went to ended up being first- or second-generation Italian immigrants (coincidentally, just like my hairdresser of choice back in Germany), but I've had people from all over the globe cut my hair before. They all had a lot of history and interesting stories to tell.

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