It's been over a month now that I've started to take a photo a day (and blog about it). So far, it is going well, though I expect it to get harder as things to take photos of don't come to mind as readily anymore. So, looking back onto the first month, here are some observations I've made:

Thank you, cellphone. In order to actually take a photo a day and not have to rely on archival shots to fill in for my busy work days, I am really happy I have a decent cell phone camera that I can use. Of course, the quality is significantly worse than my real camera, and thus, I am always looking forward to the days when I won't use the phone. Still, mobility has been essential in me taking a photo every day so far.

Taking photos is no excuse not to blog anymore. I've been blogging every single one of my photos and I am planning on doing so for the remainder of the project. It did, however, make me a little concerned about my loyal readership: Am I turning this into a picture dump, as opposed to the hopefully useful and somewhat well-researched blog entries that I used to write every few weeks? That's a valid concern, and therefore, I have tried to accompany most photos with a useful blog text explaining why I found it photo-worthy, or what influence the particular subject has on my life.

Less is more. My favorite photos this month have actually been the ones that were the simplest, both when as far as the subject is concerned, as well as the lens and settings I used. It'll be interesting to improve on that theme, but also to introduce some different shots: For example, I haven't had a panorama shot in the collection so far -- though I have successfully taken such photos before. They take a lot of postprocessing, so if I want to stay true to the photo-a-day concept, I must take the panorama early in the day and have enough time later to stitch it together.

Onwards! I am still enjoying the project and have managed to morph its requirements a little bit: It has become more important to me to actually take a photo a day, even if that means that I take mostly cell phone shots. In contrast, morgamic seems to have taken the approach of getting every picture right (which is great). If I am not sick of taking photos by then, that would be a good idea for a "photo a week" project in 2012, maybe.

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