Surgery Mixup

November 23, 2007

Apparently, a Tanzanian man died after his knee was operated on. Sad but that happens, I guess. What is worse is that he was scheduled to get brain surgery instead. Consequently, the guy who actually needed his knee fixed got his head worked on and now is paralyzed but slowly recovering (needless to say his knee is still bad).

What the...? As the average patient, this can only mean next time you need to go to the hospital bring a big sharpie and clearly mark the spot that needs to be worked on. For added security, you should also consider covering your entire body with arrows pointing into the right direction. Just in case.

Meanwhile, the family of the guy who died does not seek to sue the government for the unfortunate mix-up, the article linked above mentions; instead, they have "urged the health ministry to employ qualified and compassionate medical staff." Now I wonder -- shouldn't medical staff always be qualified in order to get employed somewhere? But maybe it's just too much asked that medical staff double-checks the files before performing brain surgery on a knee patient...

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